Rent a Chair

If you're a master barber looking for the perfect chair to put your skills to work, look no further. The Gentlemen's Barber Shop
offers a Rent a Chair program on a full time or part time basis. Contact us and let's get to work!

Rent chairs for barbers
We have free chairs!

Work in a professional, aesthetic and clean environment at The Gentlemen's Barber Shop. We rent chairs on a full time and part time basis for prospective barbers.

We have no shortage of clients including walk-ins coming in looking for a haircut. The Gentlemen's Barber Shop will offer you a demanding yet highly rewarding environment to cut hair and satisfy our clients.

Photo of a chair at The Gentlemen's Barbershop. Rent now!

Rent a Barber Chair at The Gentlemen's Barber Shop

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